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Hard-Driven Post-Punk Sardonic, Sarcastic, Ear-Splitting MANK ROCK!

The Creative Forces of Blarney Mank Rock are back! Touring and recording new material and entertaining audiences from Cork to Turin!

Be prepared to laugh, cry and sing along to an unforgettable show.

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A Cow in the Water – A brief history (1984 onwards)

A COW IN THE WATER were an integral part of the Cork live music scene in the late Eighties and early Nineties and were regulars at venues around the country. Formed in Blarney, County Cork, their eclectic musical influences include Stump, Half Man Half Biscuit, The Fall, The Smiths, Johnny Cash, Porter Wagner and Madonna, which permeates their sound.

During this period, they recorded a number of EPs, “Zodiac Vomit”, “Liver” and the hugely successful “That’s Not Your Finger”. Renowned for their over-the-top stage shows and quirky sound, they combined hard driven guitar rock with brass overtones to produce a genuinely original sound. Aidan O’Connell, the band’s frontman, passed away in 1996 effectively calling an end to almost 10 years of live performances. The remaining band members went on to separate projects, but occasionally gathered for impromptu performances.

On the 10th Anniversary OF Aidan’s death, the band remastered and released a posthumous LP entitled “Hitchhikers may be escaping inmates”, which combined previously unreleased material with some of Aidan’s own original work.

In late 2017 A COW IN THE WATER reformed with previous “Emperor of Ice Cream” Drummer John Lynch and began work on a new LP. They played the Crane Lane Theatre, Cork on 9th December 2017, in memory of their lead singer, Aidan O’Connell, who sadly passed away twenty years previously, with all proceeds from the show going to Pieta House. The performance sold out weeks in advance, with fans from all around the globe returning to Cork for the show, encouraging The Cows to continue to write and record new material.

The Examiner wrote… “The Crane Lane Theatre was the perfect venue for their return to live performance. The combination of velvet curtains, inflated rubber cow’s udders and stage lighting created the atmosphere of a David Lynch film. Impeccably dressed in hand embroidered suits, “The Cows” created an avant-garde performance of alternative-pop, playing all of their hits and some more recent tunes. The band produced a solid performance, with the inflated rubber udders flying through the air to hits such as “Let’s go to the pub”, “Rasher” and “Memphis”. They were joined on stage by special guest Tony O’Diamond and by their newest member, John Lynch (ex “Emperor of Ice Cream”).”

Following their appearance at The Crane Lane Theatre, the band received a number of offers to perform during 2018. To support ongoing studio work and the future live performances, Sean McDonnell (frontman for Pontius Pilate and the Naildrivers) joined A COW IN THE WATER in early 2018 as lead vocalist. Sean, a long time friend of the band and talented performer in his own right, fits perfectly into the new line-up.

A COW IN THE WATER continued to perform into 2018 with number of performances in Ireland, the UK and Italy. Commencing with “Its Takes a Village” at Trabolgan Holiday Village in April and closing the year with an annual review in December at The Crane Lane Theatre.

Recent releases are now available on Spotify, iTunes and other platforms. The Cows are currently completing two new albums “Dark Country Jamboree” and “Ireland’s Wonderful Heritage”, which continues to show their wide influences and styles. Their latest single goes back to their punk rock roots, with stinging lyrics and driving guitars.

Check the “A Cow In The Water” Facebook Page for future shows and new releases. @acowinthewater